Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fitting it all in

Aside from the learning overload and reflective thinking that fills one's brain whist at a conference like Ulearn, there is another kind of filling up that also occurs. The filling of one's stomach. Much supplied food and eating out, coupled with lengthy periods of sitting tends to swell one's stomach beyond its normal parameters.
So imagine my surprise when I opened my new pair of tights this morning to see that the 'girth' was barely as wide and my calf, let alone my thigh, or heaven forbid, my waistline. The photo does not actually illustrate how narrow the point of entry was!
But easily stretch to the right proportions they did - in fact, because they are waistband-less, they are fantastically comfortable, and capable of accommodating further inevitable spreading that will occur over the next two days!
P.S. let's hope the food of the future is as pleasant it was at lunch today, and better than it was at dinner last night!

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