Sunday, December 11, 2011

Conflicting Emotions

As my Facebook friends may have read, my day began today at 4am with a little dog (Stirling) not feeling quite himself.
It was a big little day for us; the Christmas Ribbon Parade for our Tiki Cavalier KCS Club. Being on the committee of the club, it was my intention to arrive early to fulfill my 'obligations', and then enjoy the more fun/less high stakes atmosphere that a Ribbon Parade brings.
But... instead I had to wait till 10 am to see a vet and rule out anything nasty. He suspects a muscle strain or disc pain, though an examination brought no 'flinching', and he was moving freely; pain only apparent when he tried to jump or lift the front part of his body such as when trying to travel up stairs.
With the vet's blessing I collected the other boys and headed off to the venue. I had decided to enter them all, though was fully prepared to pull Stirling if it appeared it was in his best interests not to.
When the time for his class arrived, he was fine so in we went, winning Best Dog, and going on to be Best on Parade. Awesome result. Means we are likely to be "Ribbon Parade Dog of the Year" again, fingers crossed.
However I hope that I did not exploit him today and make him do something that would compromise his quick, full recovery... But we've had big hugs tonight and he tells me it was OK, it didn't hurt in the ring... Still not happy about jumping or reaching up though...

But back to happier thoughts - The picture demonstrates part of the traditional fun of this day; a visit from Santa. He did not arrive via boat today after all, but rather by golf cart. Still throwing lollies though, so all good!

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