Wednesday, December 14, 2011

(There Goes) My Hero...

Well he is today. I kinda dig Dave Grohl (and the rest of the Foo Fighters) muchly at the moment, for the following reasons:

  • Being such a brilliant frontman/showman
  • Playing from 8:20 - 11pm. Talk about getting your money's worth
  • Making the rain evaporate as he played the first strains of guitar
  • Knowing and showing what true rock and roll really is
  • Playing Foo songs old and new, including my absolute favourite (see post title)
  • Leaving me in no doubt that my recent decision to make the most of more opportunities is a good one

A real shame that I was not allowed to take in my proper camera; apparently a basic DSLR is considered 'professional recording equipment'. This snapshots here are really only a memory prickers for the future.
Thanks Dave, for a great night, and also to my friend Kate for feeling the Foo with me.

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