Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Happy Little Helper

Those who know me well know that lawn mowing is almost at the top of the 'Household Tasks Most Hated' in my book.
Today the job was almost made pleasurable, through the enthusiasm, genuine enjoyment and help of my almost seven year old nephew Daniel. I did the edges and tricky bits and then let him do some runs up and down. OK, so he missed a few bits and was higgelty-piggelty in places, but man he was into it, and wanted to do a good job.
Bad aunty - I do not have ear muffs, but I did insist on covered in shoes.
When we'd finished he announced that he needed a big drink of juice. I asked what his Dad had after he mowed the lawns. You guessed it - thought I doubt it was DB Export Gold! I had a random bottle in my fridge which I enjoyed and Dan had a sip from. He then had orange juice!

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