Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rewiring my brain

I currently have Busy Head Syndrome. It is not conducive to sleep. Or to rationality. Maybe not to good decision making. Definitely not to emotional stability.

In an attempt to clear some busyness, I walked the boys to the park and just lay down with music blasting though my ears. None of this relaxing pan flute shite, I needed to make sure nothing else could get in, so I picked an all time favourite song and played at volume several times, staring at the sky.

It sort of helped at the time, but when I got back home I thought of another place to go to help me get real. Pinterest. I needed to read all those little quotes I had pinned on a Board that said "Remember This". Of the 115 pins I have on this Board, these were particularly relevant to my present state of mind. Now I just have to rewire my thinking, and ... Remember.

this would solve a LOT of my problems!
true, dat


Who sung that like Bob Marley?

In my case, 11:50, 1:30, AND 3am. 
Yes, cos it hurts!
I did a LOT of dog hugging this morning! 

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  1. And to think I thought I was the only one that had those sort of moments! When you are surrounded by strong, intelligent, successful and fabulous women it is refreshing to hear we all have these times.We're only human!
    Glad the Pinterest helped, hope your head clears soon!