Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Nek Minnit...

Am I a bad Aunty? Today my charges and I started the day watching YouTube clips - the original Nek Minnit clip, and others, such as Food in a Nek Minnit.
My nephew loves a new catchphrase, and as a 6 year old of good comedic bloodlines, he tried with varying degrees of success to deliver an authentic Nek Minnit moment throughout the day.
He actually did create one that roused quite a laugh when I gave my niece's hair the GHD treatment...

My sister had knotty, curly hair;... Nek Minnit...

As for my niece, she enjoyed being New Zealand's Next Top Model today.  Here are her 'Best Shots'.

(Who knows... Nek Minnit...)

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