Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Long Road Home...

Travel day today, returning from family festivities and celebrations. The route I choose to take allows a Paeroa pit stop for the boys - we have a little wander along this path before completing the second half of the journey.

A safe journey it was, but not helped by some idiots on the road. One group of collective idiots I endured over both recent journeys were the ones that travel ridiculously slowly... A significant section of SH2 on my route has been reduced to 90 kmph  - a 'safer speed' zone, and I don't have an issue with that. What does annoy me is the driver at the front of an ever increasing line who is choosing to travel at speeds fluctuating between 70 and 80ks. There is a constant message from the police for slow drivers to be considerate and pull over, but I have never seen or heard of a slow driver themeslves being pulled over and ticketed.

The other idiot was one who joined me travelling behind a slow car today. At the first safe opportunity I indicated to pass, with Mr Blue Integra on my arse. Not content with just passing the slow offender, he had to pass me as well, nearly causing an accident, and shortly after that he passed a tanker in an equally rash fashion. I contemplated calling *555, but instead hope karma would catch up with him. And when I saw flashing lights at the side of the road 5 minutes later, I prayed it would be the blue Integra. It was. I laughed out loud.

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