Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Not a secret anymore...

My First 'Cover'
"Omg! How exciting you're published!"
This was the message that my whistleblower friend Kate sent me via email late this morning. Attached was a picture of a picture I knew well.
A picture that encompasses three current loves of my life; dogs, family and photography.
I had entered my perennial fave pic "The Secret" in to NZ Dog World's cover competition last year. I did not win, but had received an email saying that they loved the pic, and wanted to keep it on file to use at "the earliest opportunity".
Well a year had come and gone, and no photo; I had basically forgotten about it, except to look out for the 2011 competition, which did not eventuate...
I was therefore so surprised, proud and excited to see my picture on the cover of a glossy magazine today.  So, it's not the Rolling Stone or anything, but it does have a healthy distribution of 11 000.
Thanks to all who have already sent congratulations. I must admit it is a real 'moment' for me, and one I will long remember! I will be secretly looking for my 'Secret' on supermarket or bookstore shelves!

The little blurb inside the cover
The star of the show

Website screen shot :)

PS When I bothered to open and flick through the magazine, I found another one of my entries featured!


  1. Woohoo! Published at last, one of many great achievements to come :)

  2. Oh very impressed - love the photo too - I can see why they wanted to keep it! I do hope you were adequately credited too!