Friday, December 30, 2011

How to make the most (?) of a rainy day

In my little patch of the world right now, the weather is pretty darn rank.
For the holiday season, this is not the best thing. But being of Pollyanna leanings, it's not the worst either. A day like today gives one the perfect license to do sweet Fanny Adams all day, and that is just what I did.
Actually, on my lazy, languid road today,  I did achieve something. Bear with me as I meander towards its reveal.
I am almost at the end of my very first 365 challenge - completing an entry/photo a day on this blog. That, coupled with the fact that next year I will have the opportunity through not working full-time to manage my time creatively, new challenges for 2012 are in order. I'm not talking big change-your-life and heal-the-world challenges, or a bucket list, more like things I have been meaning to do, achieve or get back in to.
One of those things is reading. An addiction to the internet and far too much time in front of the TV, coupled with compulsory academic reading for my studies, has curbed my reading habit considerably. Once a voracious reader I have not completed a novel for two years!
Rediscovering the joy of reading is on my 'list', which will soon appear on a re-modelled blog. But rather than wait till the new year, I decided to start today, when the rain has kept us all indoors.
For the first time in eons, I made my coffee this morning, and went back to bed to read... this resulted in falling asleep again and not waking till 10am! (That's way late for a girl for whom being up by 7:30 is late, even in the weekends).
I then took my book downstairs and read intermittently throughout the day. This was not made easy by my furry friends however, as the pics below show... However as with other tasks I have set myself, I am determined to push through the 'barriers' to read at least a novel a month; my new-look blog has a page on which to record my reactions to them!

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