Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bird Watching

Fulfilled another '50 Lister' yesterday, by visiting the Open Sanctuary island of Tiritiri Matangi with a group from the Manukau Photographic Society. Just a short ferry trip from Gulf Harbour (or a little longer from Auckland City - we chose to leave from Whangaparaoa to save central city parking fees!) is this little gem of a place which has been being developed as a sanctuary since 1984. I recall a School Journal story about the replanting of the island, and the development of the project can be found, along with heaps of other information, here.
One of the major goals of the project has been to develop colonies of NZ native birds in a predator free environment. Some are threatened, others not. Whilst we did not get to see any kokako, a drawcard of the visit to the island for bird watchers, our enthusiastic and learned volunteer guide pointed out many others.
The most 'frequent flyers' however, were the tui and the korimako (bellbird). They were especially prevalent at the man made feeding stations, and if you had your camera ready just at the right time, you could catch a shot! Had to be quick though!
The movie at the bottom is more for the 'soundtrack' than the moving pictures; at the final feeding station we happened upon, the bellbirds were in full chorus.
For a person who has not been especially interested in birds, this trip sure made me appreciate them and their qualities.

Female Korimako

Male Korimako


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