Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blinded no more!


Crossing this one off my 50 List has taken some time. Far too long really, as the process has been blighted  by a few shortage complications, but mainly, frankly, by procrastination.  But this week I hung the final drops of new curtains in my little lounge.
Butt ugly wooden blinds had adorned the windows since I moved in here, closing the already small room in, and gayly catching dust. I hated them, but this house is just a rental after all, so I put up.

Then a whole lot of family love came to the fore to relinquish me from my blinded ways.

Thanks must go to...

  • My brother Rik for removing the butt ugly blinds. I can barely wait until the next inorganic collection to get rid of them altogether
  • My lovely Uncle Kevin and Aunty Lois, who own Waikato Windoware, and who supplied me with brand new custom made rails, for a ridiculous mates rates price. AND came to put them up for me free of charge. Amazing.
  • My other brother John, for plugging the holes left by said butt ugly blinds. 
  • My landlords, aka my parents, for paying for new curtains.

I must also thank Briscoes for having half price curtains just at the right time. They are not the flashest of drapes, but are an immense improvement on what was there before.

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