Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bliss @ the end of a long weekend

Warning - Dog Blog...
I had entered Stirling in 3 dog shows in Cambridge this weekend, which resulted in a wee bit of travel and a very looong day today. Long for me, and long for my two home boys who, with me not going in to work daily, are not currently used to slumming it alone...
I was away for 12 1/2 hours, and of course with no web cams installed I really have no idea if they missed me or not.
Or do I?
Both Hugo (usually Mr Independent) and Reilly settled in for big, long cuddles when I got home. I think that told me they were very glad to have me back. It was delicious. I took the photo below with my toe on Photobooth as I did not want to disturb them lol.

And show results for the weekend? No CCs for Stirling this time, but happy with how we went nonetheless, with RDCC, RBOB and NZBOB Sat, IOB and NZOB Sun. It was great to see the CCs and RCCs being shared around actually, and a cavalier also went Best in Group today.
I also had the pleasure of handling Mignon's little tricolour baby, Romeo to 3 Baby Puppy of Breeds, and BABY PUPPY IN SHOW today at Central Toy Dog :)

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