Thursday, March 22, 2012

Counting the Cops

 Travelling back and forth to Hamilton in a day is something I am becoming accustomed to, seeing as I chose to complete my Masters through Waikato Uni and therefore must meet my supervisor(s) there.  It did not take me long to realise the Waikato Expressway is a very popular spots for cops, and I have taken to counting how many I see to pass the time - and keep my eye on my speedometer.
I was approaching Huntly with my tally at 3 (7 having been my last high score), when I saw number four on the opposite side of the road, then number five, six, seven eight AND NINE, all stopped with a culprit in front of them, all within a 2km stretch, some within 150m of each other. In fact at one stage I had four in view. It was as if a swarm of cop cars had descended like tracker jackers (Hunger Games simile lol), picking off their individual targets. 
It actually freaked me out. I wondered if they were searching for someone or something, but they were all traffic police cars, not regular law enforcement ones. I saw two more in the Huntly township itself, (so new grand total for a one way trip = 11) as I drove gingerly on to Hamilton via Gordonton.
On my journey home I was too scared to go over 95km. Only saw 3 on the way back though.
Does anyone else think that this was overkill?

PS - the picture - obviously not mine. I was not prepared to stop and take a photo for my blog! This particular photo came to mind as I was driving home, contemplating this post. As it says, it comes from the NZ Hearld. It's a frequent flyer in the Herald online; they place it whenever there's a police story they don't have a real pic for. Anyone else pick that up? Probably not. 

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