Thursday, March 29, 2012

Puppy Dog Eyes

Stirling at the ophthalmologists.
He was such a good boy.
Handsome Mr Stirling went for his annual vet check and vaccinations today. Part of this process for cavaliers is to check for known genetic disorders, especially if the dog is likely to be bred from in the future. I am hopeful that Stirling will someday soon find a love match, however no matter how lovely he is, I will not allow him to be bred from if he has any recognised health issues that could be passed on.
Like many breeds, cavaliers have some conditions that responsible breeders are trying to eliminate. Cavaliers are prone to a heart condition called MVD and the breeders I respect get their breeding animals checked annually. Stirling's ticker was great.
They also have eye conditions that can be passed on, and checks from a qualified animal ophthalmologist are recommended, though a vet can also perform these checks. When my own vet pointed out a small spot in one of Stirling's eyes, I did not take much convincing to get it checked out by a specialist, especially on the back of Reilly's corneal ulcer earlier in the year. Fortunately it was nothing sinister, so I got an eye certificate while was there.

Just as well cavaliers have big puppy dog eyes. They can draw the attention away from the fact that one's wallet can get lightened very quickly when their health is involved. Today has left mine almost floating away... A visit to a 'gourmet pet food store' added to the bills - tonight the boys dined on rabbit mince, and there's chicken and salmon mince in the freezer. I even bought some possum meat. Can't be any worse than green tripe...

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