Monday, March 5, 2012

Catching Up

Time to chronicle a couple more achievements from my 50 List.
Well it took a few hours, but I have successfully done a major digital photo cull over the weekend. A good many hours went in to this! With each RAW image taking up over 20MB of space, this fledgling photographer and natural hoarder had accrued hundreds, perhaps thousands,  of images that were definitely not needed. I did however, transfer them ALL to an external hard drive - just in case...
My new goal is to be more discerning from the point of download, and as well, to cull those photos that I know I definitely don't want after looking at them on the big screen as well, straight away!
Dumping the photos and a few school movies from my iMac enabled me to clear around 100GB from its memory! I also felt it was necessary to do this before I took my machine to my best geek friend for OS upgrades. (Thanks John). I would have feared a big growling, because it was running like a pig.

The second goal that is ticking away is my reading goal, though I must admit that I finished my second book a little after the month's end. But then again February was a short month. With the majority of my day currently taken up with reading, it is not always a pleasurable prospect to hunker down with a book at night.
My second book was the second of the Milleneum series - The Girl Who Played with Fire. It took me a while to get in to it, but once I reached half way, it was pretty un-put-downable. If I had a criticism to make it would be that there was a major event on the back cover that took a long time to get to in the book, so I felt a bit like I was treading water until then.
Having seen The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo at the movies, I read this book visualising the (American) cast as the characters. While I really enjoyed the first movie, this plot did not seem to have as many twists and turns, and I reckon it will translate to the big screen quite easily. There are certainly some scenes near the end of the book that I have already created a my own screenplay for! Without giving anything away, one involves a fox... I hope they (Sony?) make the movie with the characters I am now familiar with (I know there is a Swedish version and that some prefer it) And WHEN this happens, I hope it does not let me down there by missing my vividly imagines scene out!

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