Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cavalier Portraits

Tiki C.K.C.S Club Ribbon Parade today, and I took the opportunity to snap some of the dogs on show. Most of them are people's beloved pets, and it was great to see kids out having fun with their dogs in the ring.

In regards to cavalier's appearances, I often hear from the non-cavalier owner that "they all look the same". But I hope the personalities of these little darlings come through and show their individuality. To me they all look so different, except perhaps when they are from the same kennel.

I wanted to add a caption with each go the dog's names, but I always find Blogger's formatting a pain in the proverbial, and it threw out my picture arrangement whenever I added one so...

From L to R, reading down the page we have...

Becky, Buddy (her litter brother),
Cashelle, Nadia and Sante
Zoe, Maria

And below,  Mr Stirling. Best Intermediate, Best Dog and BEST ON PARADE.

And I will leave you with the three stooges. Not my best family portrait moment.

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