Friday, March 16, 2012

I Like Big Books and I Can-not Lie!

By the end of this year I am going to be so well read... within a specific subject, that is.
I cannot believe how excited I was when I received email notification from the University Library that 3 of my books I had reserved were on their way. I checked the letterbox 3 times this morning even though I know that they would not be there because I had not heard the courier van. When the poor man finally did arrive he must have thought there was some wicked kind of present inside my package, as my reaction was sadly joyous.

Seriously though, it has been a much more satisfying week study wise, as I have been giving my time and thought to my actual research, as opposed to my wretched final assignment for my Research Methods paper. Knocking that bastard off will be next week's excitement.

I have to keep reminding myself that I have other reading goals as well, like reading a book a month to satisfy my 50 List goal. March 16 and I am yet to start this month's book! So today I did something I rarely do - I bought a book. Well two actually. My first choice was the third in the Millennium series. but I figured that my previous experience with these books means that it will take me longer than 2 weeks to finish it. So I also bought the Hunger Games. If it's reputation is anything to go by, it's a rollicking read so I should be able to get trough it quickly. And of course if I ever want to see the movie I must abide by my self-imposed rule to read the book first.

I hope I like it. I don't have a good history with teen/young adult fiction. I only read the first 2 Harry Potter books, abandoning them when they became less child-like. And I only managed the first in the Twilight series. But then again, I did weirdly enjoy Lord of the Flies as a school set text, and can imagine similarities between the two.

PS My choice of blog title of course came from an infamous rap of a 'similar name'. Funny thing is, my eternal memory of that song is not Sir Mix-A-Lot, but Ross and Rachel on Friends. Worth the 5 min viewing time in my opinion...

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