Monday, January 31, 2011

A 'Large Rooster' by any other name...

From time to time I will need to remind myself that potentially this blog can be read by anyone. When I exclaimed to my friends Katie and Petrina today that 'That's the title of my blog post for the day!' I had not considered that. So I have played the synonym game, and will leave my readers to fill in the blanks, which will become clearer as I retell an anecdote from today.

Isn't this little angel delicious? JP (Joshua Paul) West in his second appearance in this forum. Today he had two doting 'aunties' smothering him with love and attention. Petrina and I were two of Katie and Paul's bridesmaids back in 2006 here in Thailand, along with Paul's sister and... the lovely Laura.

It is Laura who inspired the post's title. 'Aunty' Laura had also visited the West household to see wee Joshua in recent times.
"That's Laura's favourite bib" said Katie.
"Why?" we enquired.
"Because it's got a *large rooster* on the front of it".

At the time it was hilarious. Especially if you know Laura. But now, after writing it down, maybe it was one of those times you had to be there? I am glad I was.

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