Thursday, April 21, 2011

End of Day 1

It's amazing the difference a bit of chainsawing and foliage removal does. The potential of what the new look view from my lounge will soon look like is slowly being realised.
Great effort today from my parents (and me) to start the ball rolling on the Makeover of Muirfield.
Astounded however that it costs $38 to dump a load of green waste at the transfer station. That's one ute full of puka parts. Bloody daylight robbery if you ask me. If I'd have had a chipper, people would have been paying ME for what good goodiness that would have produced.

I love using chippers. Great sense of personal satisfaction. Today however my new toy of choice was a small electric trimmer. Not quite brave enough to tackle the cahinsaw. I left that to the expert. My Dad.

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