Sunday, April 17, 2011

Like a Dog with a Bone

Actually, no 'like' about it. Just a dog with a bone :) 
Sunday treat for the boys - a big meaty bone each. So actually 3 dogs with 3 bones.

Stirling hoed right in, and kept at it for about an hour or more.
Hugo got down to the bone pretty smartly then wanted to bring it inside - fail. Also had a lurk to see if he could get Stirling's - that's what the look is about in these pics - a glare for Hugo's benefit, or mine!

Reilly guarded his bone for 20 mins before I cut the meat off it for him... (As I did for them all - it really was a bit much to wrap little jaws around). Then he had a go.

A passing shower did not deter their work - see the clip below if interested. If not, then don't!

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