Friday, April 22, 2011

Role Play

Amazing family day today, and I am eternally grateful for the support I get from my whanau. In the continuing Makeover of Muirfield, each family member graciously assumed a role to get what needed to be done, done today. Yes there will be bits and bobs to finish over the next while, but both the interior and exterior of the property I rent from my Mum and Dad is looking so much more like a home today. I certainly enjoyed the family cameraderie, and hope everyone else did too. From painter to cook, dog-sitter to landscaper, lawnmower to supervisor, each member of my family present today played their respective role to perfection.

I will post a final photo in days to come when the last of the compost has been 
spread, the final layer of mulch laid and the pots re-planted. Not to mention the windows washed to show of the beaut paint job on the front door, and new towels purchased to dress the newly painted bathroom.

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