Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho...

Making my daily post quickly this morning as I am off to school camp in the Hunuas for the night.
but I know that despite the incredible hard work that goes into them before had, and the energy required by teachers to run them is all paid back in the experiences the kids have and the relationships the time at camp builds.

Not quite sure of the tally for school camps for me over the years, but I was reminded by a FB comment yesterday of perhaps the most fun camp I have ever co-lead. Aongatete Lodge in the Kaimais sometime in the 90s, lead by Ms F and Ms McIndoe and their alter egos, Camp Mother and Camp Leader. Sorry the photo's a bit skew-wiff and I don have time to re-scan, but you get the picture. We ran half the camp, including doing a long bush walk (Me with yellow handbag, Zara with swingball protruding from her pack), in character. It was hilarious to see the different ways the children interacted with us depending on 'who' we were. The whole camp was a hoot.
Today - far more civilized. The only person I am possibly channelling is Cheryl West. Oh but I am taking my guitar :)

PS this pic was not taken at camp actually - we entered a Camp Mother/Camp Leader competition at the local 24 hour relay. We even wrote a song for it. And we played it live on breakfast radio. My little claim to fame. And a parent from that camp who went to a Topp Twins gig had them sign us a post card ("You NAUGHTY girls! I hear you have been impersonating us" or something) Oh and also, this guitar is not mine, it is Zarzee's.

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