Thursday, April 7, 2011

On Camp

Great time at school camp. As usual, I was in my element... Love to organise, direct and encourage. And as an added bonus, someone else had borne the pain of the pre-camp preparation, and I could waft in and waft out for one night only, pulling the strings that they had so efficiently set up (Thanks Kate).
Camp provides the setting for all who are there to allow aspects of their 'true selves' to be revealed. Bits of yourself you often hide in a work or situation.
Like your performer self (aka exhibitionist self). Mine came out during the "Silly Camp Songs' session I initiated. Loved it.
But what I love most is when kids surprise you - like the girl who you think might freak out abseiling, being the one who sails through it. Or the boy who is normally full of bravado who wants to phone his Mum to bring his blankie.
In this photo the kayaking group are learning the ropes beneath the awesome might of the Hunua Falls. How lucky we are to be able to offer these opportunities to our kids in NZ. Long may the camp experience live. Now for another glass of wine and a feet up...

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