Sunday, April 3, 2011

I grew this!

Well, sort of.

Way back in January I bought a few plants to zhuzh the place up. Contrary to my predictions, I did not kill them off. While the sunflowers are long gone, and the petunias have almost run their course, the herbs are still adding flavour to my cooking.

The swan plant had been doing quite well too, apart from trying to fend off aphids - hmmm, and failing.

On Friday I happened to notice some juicy caterpillars had appeared on my plant! I had not spotted them till they were pretty big. This is, after all, why we grow swan plants. To grow monarch caterpillars and butterflies. I feel just like a kid again and will be out to check on them daily. Hope they survive - not much food on this fledgling swan plant, and they are fighting for sustenance with the aphids. Plus I am sure there were 4 on Friday, and only 2 today...

Kia kaha little caterpillars!

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