Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Promise Kept

Here it is - the first Challenge Certificate I have ever won. And I secured it in the most trying environmental conditions; pouring rain. 
I say I, I mean we. Me and Stirling, and my friend Mignon. So happy that she could be there for me today when he got his first CC. One down, 7 to go and I will have my first champion.
But the promise? I made it to Stirling this morning as I loaded him into the car; get that elusive first CC and I would bring him back to my house this evening.
How easy in theory it would be for me to have him here forever and always, but in reality, it is just too hard to work full time and have 3 dogs in an suburban section. But it is also soooooo hard to hand him back to Mignon after he has been to stay. He really is the most lovable fellow.
Just now, he is asleep at my feet, next to his Dad Reilly and a breath away from my first love, Hugo. All champions in my heart already, but still a thrill to have this recognition today, in the company of some fine competition.


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