Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Heart Melter!

Doesn't this look just melt your heart? My Hugo really is the most beautiful boy.

Today his glorious head has been somehow enhanced by this god-awful collar. How undignified for such a dignified fellow. (Mind you, I love the way his ears are accentuating his soft, sweet expression - perfect!)

However, I do have my boy's best interests at heart. It's not all about taking a photo for the day. Hugo's allergies have flared up again, and he has taken to not just over-licking, but chewing his inner back legs. we're talking big, red, raw patches. Poor bugger. I can't keep giving him prednisone; we need a kinder? alternative. So I am going to see if I (not if he) can handle having him in a collar from time to time, to prevent his OCD.  Or at least break the habit.

So what do you think he is thinking, or saying to me, huh?

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