Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's a Boy Thing (But I Like It)

So since like for aaaages now, my brother Rik has been telling me I need a new TV. Especially since I got MySky all those months back. Sacrilege to have the option to view in HD but no capacity to do so. Sacrilege also to watch sport on a TV that did not have 100Hz refresh rate. Especially golf.
But the old TV still worked fine, MySky recorded all my programmes for me to view at my leisure, and it'd be a cold day in hell before I ever watched golf out of choice.

However when a bargain TV came across his path via my sister-in-laws work, it ended up in my lounge. Amidst the great family working bee last weekend, Rik kindly installed it for me.

All happy? Not quite. Surely I needed a home theatre system to go with that, he suggested. And wouldn't it look good wall mounted? Now if I had been left to my own devices that might have happened in another six months, but obviously I needed both these things too, because next thing you know, there's an email recommending a couple on special and hey, he's got a wall mounting bracket via his wife's work again.

So off I go and buy one of the recommended HTSs. Except on (Rik's) overnight reflection it didn't have digital optical something-or-other so I should go back and by a better one or I'd be really disappointed. Well I probably wouldn't have known the difference, but so kind is my brother (and persistent) that he even went to his Harvey Norman and found the one I should upgrade to. I am not being sarcastic, I am serious. He is seriously kind. So upon some reflection of my own I figured I should strike while the iron was hot and go buy the better one today because said kind brother offered to start the install this afternoon. (And I got a bloody good bargain so it was 'meant to be')

When a car arrived, I went to the door to greet Rik and Kim, but was instead initially greeted by John (other brother) and Frances. Kind Rik had called Kind John to come across and give him a hand to give me a hand.

I wasn't lying in this post about my family, was I?

Not only has the TV been installed on the wall, and the Home Theatre set up, but we rearraged the lounge as well. The boys said I had to have a couch in a particular position to fully appreciate the new gears.

It's a boy thing, but they were right. It sounds great from the sweet spot. And yes Rik, I could see every blade of grass on the rugby field. And the ball was bloody bewdy boy as it moved across the screen.

So here's a pic of the new TV on the wall - before we have had the chance to hide the wires away; that and the proper mounting of the speakers will occur the next time kindness comes knocking at my door no doubt.

PS An iconic moment from the Royal Wedding, and my favourite image from the same location - not the kiss!

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