Sunday, August 28, 2011

City Pride

The newly developed Wynyard Quarter, which segues the existing Viaduct Harbour to Westhaven Marina, really was quite a-buzz last night. I don't know if we were special and lucky, or if it happens quite regularly, but the new pedestrian bridge had to be vacated and raised just after we passed - hence the photo.

I felt a bit like a tourist in my own city actually. I hope that many New Zealanders (not just foreign visitors) take the opportunity to explore the waterfront area, and also get behind the RWC festivities, whether they are fans of the game or not.

And for the first time since leaving the Bay of Plenty, almost wanted to call myself an Aucklander. Hmmm. No, that would be stretching it a bit. But I must admit to feeling proud to live here.

I did not intend to make a time-lapse out of these pics, 
hence they are not the same dimensions... 
but kinda fun anyway?

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