Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Framed #3

Interesting day today, sharing my own developing knowledge of Digital Photography with a wonderful group of Year 7/8 students. I loved how responsive, genuinely inquisitive and independent they were. In the two years since I last took a group like this, I can also see how much more confident and intuitive they are in general, in learning new digital processes and skills. (Of course it also helped that I had only 12 of them :D)

The main photo today I took when they were outside 'On Assignment'.  I will use it to illustrate part of our learning about focus control and framing when we next meet on Thursday. We're going to explore portraits - my favorite... Am also going to get them off the point-and-shoots and on to my DSLR to take some self-timer self-portraits. That got them strangely excited!

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