Thursday, August 4, 2011

A teacher for a day

I spent the day today teaching writing - all day. My dream job as a classroom teacher. (As long as I could throw some art in too...)
Thank you to the teaching colleagues who let me borrow their classes today. It does make a difference when they are 'yours', and that's the one regret I am left with as a school leader; when teaching you don't have the rich relationships with kids to enhance your lesson, or the shared learning experiences that build the culture... Still I had fun!
(Well the teaching was fun, not so sure about the videoing or the people watching - I am not a natural show off, though some will disagree)
This photo is one I took yesterday when a class was doing their writing outside. There were some lovely 'kids facing' photos, but unfortunately I cannot publish them on my private blog...
You'd have to have this week's school newsletter...

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