Friday, August 12, 2011

'Good Pain' is not an oxymoron

Is there a physio place that does NOT have this on the wall?
One of the repercussions of too much online study (and Facebook and Pinterest and other essential Internet surfing) is having your bad posture come back to haunt you by way of muscular pain and discomfort.
That is not the 'good pain' I am referring to in my title. The good pain is what comes from having a massage from a physiotherapist. Crikey, my girl Sam sure knows how to deal to the crunchy bits. She always knows when it really hurts - I tend to laugh to mask it. Good pain brings on spontaneous laughter.
I am not being a softie, I assure you dear blog readers. I would almost guarantee that besides the tres tender muscles tomorrow, there will be bruising.
But I wil be back next week for more of the same. No pain, no gain. Plus it is always good to have a 'body technician' who actually holds an entertaining conversation with you. Beats that new age pan flute music played in the woosy massage places who purport 'deep tissue' massage and don't deliver. Give me the good pain any day.

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