Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Schedulus Interruptus

Stirling, your shifty eyes give you away...
I am trying really hard to stick to a pre-planned schedule to ensure that my study, work and other commitments don't all get left to the last minute. I have even scheduled in my exercise, including that which includes the dogs.
Tonight I was scheduled for a decent dog walk and then some study, and left work smartly to fulfill my obligations.
A brief confirmation demo
I did not anticipate that I would arrive home to have to deal with the 'busy work' of two of my canine companions. The photos are not a fair representation of what I was actually greeted with. This was a sizable hole beneath the fence between me and the neighbours. (No, not you, Rachel!) So I had to plug the hole with a plank, refill it and cordon it off to discourage future explorations...
Then there were the culprits to deal with. They were easily identified by the state of their paws and legs, which were clogged with dirt, including 'dags' (for you sheep farming folk) of mud that could not be extracted by hand or comb, between their paws and throughout their feathering. They had obviously been digging for a considerable time. Reilly, with his clean while paws, was the innocent, Hugo and Stirling the perpetrators. It took some thorough washing to remove the clods.
Then of course there was the house to deal with, as I had not spotted the problem till the boys had thundered through the house, leaving a trail of dried mud behind them.
No wonder I needed a wine after all that! Hmmm, not only did the clean up affect the schedule, but even one glass of wine is notorious for stalling the study...

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