Friday, January 20, 2012

Thinking Hurts!

...ergo it looks as though it is going to be a 'painful' year lol!
Two weeks of 'Research Methods' learning is behind me. Not that I know all I need to know yet, in fact I am now aware of how much learning (and thinking) I need to do before I can even begin my Masters' thesis.
Unlike my previous full semester, online papers, which eke out the content over a four month period, interspersed with assignments, all dissemination of 'knowledge' from the experts has been done, and now it is up to us - me - to add to, deepen and process that knowledge in order to complete the assignment requirements over the coming weeks.
More importantly however, is the thinking I need to do as I synthesize and clarify all I have been exposed to as it is all critical to the development of a) my Research Question, b) my Research Proposal and c) my planned methodology. All of these things need to be thought out before I can process, develop and submit my thesis application.
I am not a fast thinker, I am a reflective thinker. No, actually I am an over-thinker. So I think I need to get my thinking sorted out smartly or I am going to be in a lot of pain!
A timetable for the next month is going to be a priority for me to develop over the weekend to ensure I plan out what I am going to think about and how long I can spend cogitating one thing before I have to move on to the next - OUCH!

The photos today I took with my phone as I walked to my final class this morning. Thirty - YES 30 - years ago this was home for a year. T Coll Hall of Residence. D Block. D44 to be precise. Don't remember a lot of thinking going on back then!

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