Monday, January 9, 2012

Some things change, some stay the same

First day back on Campus at Waikato University today. It is 30 years since I first enrolled. Things have certainly evolved.
The picture on my ID card sure looks different. When I get home I might just dig out the old ones for comparison and a laugh...
I still remembered my ID number off pat after all those years.
The car-park that it was recommended we park in did not exist in '82.
The main library is apparently BRAND new - I would never have recognised it, least of all as the place my then flatmate entered wearing my Ali Baba basket as a disguise to commemorate our last week. Other pics I must dig out maybe.
Sushi was not sold on campus. I am glad it is now. Mine was delicimo.
The entry to the Education space has changed.
But the corridors are vaguely familiar.

And the smell is exactly the same.

University of Waikato Library

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