Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Perennial Favourite

A rainy New Year's Eve Day yesterday saw me planted in front of the TV, channel surfing. I don't often watch movies at home, despite having SKY movies, but there are some old favourites that, regardless of how often they are on, how old they are and how cheesy they now seem, I just have to watch.
Four Weddings and a Funeral is one such movie for me, and there it was on Vibe. The first of Hugh Grant's 'foppish' roles (I must admit to semi-watching Notting Hill straight afterwards, and it seemed like the same character had transitioned from Four Weddings straight into this movie), and before his indiscretion with Ms Divine Brown...

But I digress. The movie itself is pretty shallow, but full of classic scenes which are so familiar and make me giggle every time... like the What's bonking? scene... (RIP Scarlett - actress Charlotte Coleman died in the early 2000s of an asthma attack - she was my favourite!)
Similary there are others that make me cringe  (cringiest line at 1:01 on this clip!) every time I hear them.
There is also that one incredibly poignant moment which makes you forget you are actually watching a comedy. (Love the spelling mistake in this clip's title!)

Also this movie, like many movies and much music, reminds me of a 'time' in life. The end of an era really. It's release, and that of the theme song which is also an eternal favourite, coincided with the departure of two very good friends for their OEs that year. I stayed behind. A little older than them both (past the magic 28)  and without any UK citizenship claims, I probably put it in the too hard basket, still very much attached to my comfort zone. I think my active social life started to wane from that time on! Could have had something to do with turning 30 about that time as well... I think that not travelling at time in my life may be one thing I truly regret. Oh well, there's always the future!

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