Sunday, January 8, 2012

Out on the Street

Just grabbed a small self indulgent moment amongst the nervous readying for the start of my academic year... a little play with a photo from today.
I attended an Intermediate course with Three Little Wishes today - great tutors, quality programme; highly recommended. Even if the day was not the best weather wise, we had a lovely little group (lovely and small, and lovely people) and I definitely had fun gaining new knowledge and skills.
Our day began in Albert Park, before we meandered down Queen St to Britomart (no trains today, repairs!) and then on to Atrium on Elliott as the Viaduct would not have been much fun in the rain.
I took this on Queen Street. I have always been fascinated by Street Photography, but not owning the longest of lenses, I feel a bit self conscious out there snapping people as they go about their daily business, in case I get snapped.

I guess this shot is a reflection of that. But I hope to get out 'on the street' more and give it more of a go - need to keep getting braver to keep getting better!


  1. 'Like' ;-)

    A little brightness to a gloomy day

  2. I'm always scared of getting my camera out because of what people will think - even if I'm not snapping people. Happened today and I have no shots because the camera stayed in the bag. Your photo is a tribute to the fact that I should get it out!