Wednesday, January 18, 2012

No. 1 Fan

Some people are nutty about their sports teams. Warriors fans certainly are generally a proud and sometimes obsessed lot, and a guy that is doing the same uni paper as me is a prime example. I think that he has worn some kind of Warriors clothing every day on the course (it's been nearly two weeks) and this is the car he drives. Today I had my phone in my hand as I returned to my car, and seeing as we were parked in close proximity, decided I would snap a shot to show another ardent Warriors fan I know, my friend Kate.
Well, it seems that I was snapped too, as the car's owner also returned at that moment. A small, not typically 'manly' car, he told me that it was originally his sister's car. That explained the Warriors soft toys in the back. He had bought the car from her after she had suggesting selling it, following a stroke which left her unable to drive. She, he said, was the biggest Warriors fan of all. She even had a car seat in the back with a Warriors doll-baby strapped in it! Number One Fan indeed. The Mad Butcher would be proud.


  1. Funny, i didnt see this the other day. Pretty cool if you ask me.... Lol