Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Enjoying Summer (At Last)

 Yes, I am playing silly buggers with these photos - poor dogs - not much better than dressing them up in teeny tiny human clothes, is it? I must say none of them were particularly impressed with me, hence having to hold Reilly's chin up to get his one done!

It's paying homage to actually having seen the sun for a few days on end now. The boys and I enjoyed a proper walk in Botanic Gardens this afternoon - long time since this has happened, what with 2 weeks inside on a block course, and Reilly with a bung eye.

I was prepared to manage three mad dogs considering this hiatus. However I was surprised and pleased to have three relatively compliant dogs on short leashes for a change. I am not sure what has initiated this change in behaviour - perhaps having me home for longer? Equally I am not at all sure that it will last. Next time we might just be back into being pulled any-which-way in the direction of an attractive smell...

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