Monday, January 30, 2012

Photo Ops Gone Begging

I had hoped at my weekend away up country would have provided many and varied photo opportunities for me to practice my craft...  I spent the first couple of overcast days spotting places I could stop when the light was advantageous; the forecast for this morning was good.
Staying right by the sea as I was, on my list was the plan to fulfill one of the tasks on my 50 list and capture a sunrise. I also planned to stop at the marina to shoot some of the boats' morning reflections, as the water was beautifully still. There were other spots along my coastal drive that also had potential.
So the idea this morning was to get up early and fulfill some of those goals. Unfortunately I did something I rarely do - turned off my alarm and fell back to sleep...
So the weather stuffed me of the first couple of days, and today it as my fatigue. These are pretty much rushed snapshots that I took this morning and had a little tootoo with in Aperture3.

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