Thursday, January 5, 2012

The 'Other Side'...

Finally made it to Rachel's new house for bubbles today - and the boys came too.
The Other Side of the fence has been a tempting but previously unreachable out-of-bounds area for my boys for eons. A land of great mystery and allure.
The ground alongside my side of the fence to The Other Side bears a well worn path. Previous neighbours had a pekingese that used to hoarsely bark at them continuously through the fence. While we seldom barked back, we would follow him along, back and forth from time to time. Pesky birds on trees on the Other Side always seem that much more out of reach, and the fence is scarred with scratch marks which illustrate their attempts to get them.
So was the grass greener on The Other Side? Well all three certainly had a lot of fun exploring Rachel's back yard, which is lovely and large, with plenty of running space. This little video was taken about an hour after we arrived, so most of the frantic exploring had been done. And Reilly loved Rachel, despite growling at her through the fence once before!
We all hope to climb the fence to The Other Side again one day soon!

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