Friday, January 27, 2012

On Tripping

Apologies in advance if this post it a little 'diary' in format... It's been that kind of day.
I am away on a mini adventure this weekend. I classify it as such as I am in new territory - it may be just up the road a bit, but I have never been here before. Well not as an adult anyway.
I have been planning this trip to Whangarei for a wee while. Ordinarily I would never go away the weekend before school starts, but seeing as things are a little bit different for me this year, I thought what the hey, and entered Stirling in 5 shows that are on up here this long weekend.
It might not seem like a big deal, but logistically is kind of is. Hugo and Reilly need to be cared for - and Reilly is still on medication, and I needed to find somewhere up here that was dog friendly to stay. Remember, the authentic camping experience is not really my buzz...
So I found this place, the Blue Heron Holiday Park, 20 mins out if Whangarei. But getting here today was not quite the trip I had envisioned... one where I would leave early, soak up the scenery on the way, maybe stopping to take some photos...
Firstly, I dropped my two big boys at Aunty Mignon's, planning to head north from there, but then I realised I had not alarmed my house. Living where I do that's not wise for a long weekend. So off I went home again to turn it on. It was already on.
As I left (again) it was raining... you know how cars just morph out of the road when it rains, clogging the motorways? Add to that the other smart farts, who like me, decided they would get away early for the long weekend, and you get the picture. A.Very. Slow. Trip.
The front that was to move up the country today, I travelled amidst all the way, requiring intense concentration needed on the driving front. As far a a road trip goes, this was not one of the fun ones...
But almost as soon as I arrived in my little slice of paradise, the weather started to clear. I can't really fault my little cabin - a stone's throw from the sea double bed for me and Stirling haha, kitchen, little outdoor area to enjoy on the next two fine evenings, toilet and shower very accessible, carpark immediately outside, free wifi, and  TV - the latter of which I had not expected. The only things I am missing are a wine glass - hence the tumbler lol, a mirror and ... some human company. Tripping would be so much more fun with a person to share it all with as well...

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