Monday, January 2, 2012

Charming Chocolat

An unintentional second piece very familiar to yesterday's... partly because I had told myself I did not have to blog daily this year yet I am having withdrawal symptoms, and partly because if I wrote about yesterday's old movie friend, how could I not write about today's?
In a sea of emptiness that is summer TV, Vibe is coming through like a lifebuoy to rescue me from drowning in television boredom these holidays. As well as Four Weddings, Glee marathons provided background company throughout the weekend as I pottered about.
And tonight, another eternal favourite movie - Chocolat - appeared. I love the whimsy of the story, the characters, and especially Juliette Binoche's portrayal of Vianne. Not a movie I can necessarily quote from, but it is all so wonderfully familiar that even after many, many views I have to watch it till the South wind blows Johnny Depp back at the end...

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