Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I've been watching way too much Outrageous Fortune

I loved Outrageous Fortune, and I mourn its departure from our screens. Before it was done, I pre-ordered the box set of DVDs with the intention of watching them over this summer break. It was a bigger ask than I had anticipated, and with a few (holi)days to go, my Outrageous-athon has stalled; I have not yet finished Season 5. The tennis and preparation for our upcoming Staff Retreat have gotten in the way of my nightly (sometimes daytime too) Westie-fix.

I am currently packing for said Retreat, into the above "You-had-better-like-it-because-it-was-really-expensive" christmas gift from my Mum and Dad (Thanks Ma!) When I opened it there was a general consensus in the room that it was very "Sex and the City". Quite fancied toting a Carrie-like bag. It's been sitting in the corner of my bedroom since Christmas, and over that time my visions of who I would represent with the bag, have changed.

It's SO Cheryl West. And I like that.

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