Friday, January 14, 2011

Zhuzh up

Zhuzh - it's such a great word. If there were two Zs in scrabble it would be a terrifically helpful word. Spell check is giving it the big red underline, but if it's in Urban Dictionary that's proof enough for me.
Today I decided to give the immediate outdoors of my section a zhuzh up. I am not particularly enarmored with the aesthetics of my house, inside or out. I miss my 'real' house and garden in Tauranga. However from time to time I decide to make it a bit more bearable here in the 'hood and pot up a few plants. I will water them with love until I go back to work, then I will probably forget about them until one day I think - oh shit - the potted plants have carked it.  Then it will take me a good few months to do it all again.
Maybe I should get some of those self watering GreenSmart pots?
PS 'carked' also gets the red line treatment. Also a very good word. Possible derivation from carcass, apparently. Did not know that.

1 comment:

  1. Am identifying yet's very fortuitous that my roses visible from the kitchen window, they stare at me reproachfully saying "off with our deadheads" over and over again! Carked- don't you just love the way words evolve their way to us!