Saturday, April 28, 2012

City Boys Go Country...

A trip to Mincher today on a 'photographic assignment' for a friend... it was to photograph her dogs (seven cavs, a lab and a papillon - oh and her chickens!) so I took the boys for an outing. It's always a bonus to visit  someone who welcomes canine children.
Well. Hugo was the first to disgrace himself. My boys are not usually fond of water so when he fell in the stream I can only surmise that he didn't realise the surface weeds did not mean he could walk on water. Hardly believed when the other two followed suit. And that's not to mention almost losing them down the drive as they all took off- we presume in pursuit of rabbits.
So on the one weekend that I did not have to wash Stirling for a show, all three had to have a bath when we got home...
I then took the opportunity to photograph my own dogs when they were all squeaky clean!

Mr Manky

My show dog!!!

At least Reilly only got wet belly-down

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