Thursday, April 12, 2012

You scratch my back and...

I am not sure who is more pleased to see each other when my niece and nephew come to stay - the dogs or the humans. My boys love the attention, and the kids love giving it. Cuddles all round.
Hugo especially seems to love these kids - probably because of all the scratching his constantly itchy skin gets from them. The kids love pampering him too because of the reactions they get; uncontrollable leg twitches and persistent pats on the arms when the petting stops, to encourage it to start again...
The little bugger even left my bed during the night to visit Dan downstairs, demanded a scratch then left again. He also visited Megan, who said she was already wake with a headache, and then came back to bed and woke me... Not sure whether to thank him or throttle him. Whilst she went back to sleep after a little TLC and a cold flannel to the head, and Hugo was snoring at the foot of my bed again within minutes, I was wide awake for a good two hours after that wake up call.

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