Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Do You See What I See?

Last weekend I tried to replicate something I had found on the interweb... capturing dye drops in water. It was both fun and tricky. And time consuming! I took hundreds of photos, but, as the tutorial suggested, there were only a few that were really any good. Aside from focus, mostly my problem was in getting a clear, white background, which isn't easy when you don't have all the proper lighting equipment and are improvising wildly. The dye trails themselves I found fascinating!
I am interested in reader feedback on two things..
Firstly, if you look at the first (blue only) pic here, is there an actual image that you see - bit like making pictures out of the clouds. There is a definite 'something' that I see every time I look at this... and I am wondering if others interpret it differently.
Also would love feedback on which image you 'like' best of the two, and why...


  1. I see a ducks head on the far left of the blue pic - and I prefer the pic with the red in it because I like the look of the contrast and it looks more fluid or flowing :)

  2. I see a ducks head. Does that make me insane?
    I prefer the blue and red one because it feels like it is flowing still. I can obviously see a duck in the other one which just distracts me.
    Emma Martin

  3. I prefer the blue only image. Sadly it reminds me of smoke rising from cigars and blowing smoke rings (misspent youth) .
    My preference is because the other image seems too busy.

  4. I see an elderly woman bent over walking on the right of the blue picture. I saw her before I saw the duck's head. I like the blue only image because it is more relaxing.

  5. I prefer the blue. I agree with Bev - it's more relaxing. I feel floaty looking at it, and somewhat panicked when I look at the blue and red.

    Then again, the blue does remind me of a duck falling from the sky...