Monday, April 9, 2012

The party life's not for everyone...

Well I went to an unusual birthday party today, for Caeser the Border Collie. I did not really know any of the people there, but the boys do rub noses and sniff bums with some of the canine guests from time to time when we're out walking on the Peninsula. It was on a walk meeting that Caeser's owner invited me to this do a few weeks back.
Someone counted 19 dogs, ranging from Chico the chihuahua to Bear the German Shepherd. There were schnauzers, a miniature poodle, cairn terrier,  chocolate lab, golden retriever, bichon, dachshund and many more.
There was absolutely no unpleasantness between the dogs at all. Some enjoyed the canine interactions more than others.  Hugo and Reilly were pleasant to the doggie guests for a while, but their preference was definitely for the human touch, as they moved around the people batting their eyelids and getting continually petted.
Unfortunately, Mr Stirling was a bit overwhelmed. The party life is not for him. He spent most of the time under a chair, on a chair or on someone's lap... Chico the chihuahua was quite persistent in wanting to get to know him, but he was not willing to reciprocate. When Bear the German Shepherd was even in close proximity, Stirling got his big boy bark on. From under the chair. But he did come out to eat cake. At least he enjoyed that part of the celebrations!

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