Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Treat

I love it when fun things arrive in the actual mailbox, as opposed to the virtual one - it doesn't happen that often in this digital age. So when the parcel containing my recently designed and ordered cards turned up today, I was uber keen to see how they'd turned out. I got them cheap cheap through Vistaprint on a Treat Me deal, so was rapt with the return I got for my meagre buck. (I think it was Treat Me... subscribe to too many Daily Deals!) Happy to be using my own photos too :).

I am intending to use them to fulfill one of my 50 list goals - to contact and stay in touch with those that matter to me, from the past and present. Just hope I can find their snail mail addresses!

Back of card 


  1. very cool idea this
    have used vista print for other things too

  2. Clever lady! They are just gorgeous :)