Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mrs Benbow's Bootees

I don't actually remember meeting Mrs Benbow, but I have knitted her bootees several times. I cannot recall my mother's connection with her, but I do know that this is where the pattern for these bootees came from. (Hopefully Mum will comment and fill us in)
My mother has always loved this pattern, as have I, because the bootees are square-toed and 'boot-like'. I was fortunate that Mum shared it with me, as she kept it safely as her own special pattern for years. I wonder if Mrs Benbow was as protective of it!
I remember copying it long-hand from our 'Family Book' many moons ago, and am amazed that I still have it recorded on the same writing paper, held together with a sewing-up needle. I must type it up for posterity, and perhaps to share... but only with Mum's permission!
This time the bootees are for my hairdresser, who will colour and trim my locks for the final time tomorrow before taking time out to welcome a much wanted baby boy in a few weeks. Not only do these bootees provide a means of thanking her for trussing my locks so well, but also helps to tick another goal off my 50 List - Knit a garment for someone's child.
It is probably a good thing that hand-knitted jerseys are a fashion statement of the past as my shoulder tends to seize when I knit these days... So a garment for a little person was a sensible goal to encourage me to get the needles out again.
Hmmm, recalling the hand-knitted jerseys I can feel another blog post brewing... It could be ugly!
But not these bootees. They are just a bit cute.


  1. Still have a 22 year old jersey you knitted for my 21st. Need a retro 80/90's party to wear it though. Strangely enough the symbols on it of NZ, beer, rugby & happy face,are still kinda relevant to me :-)

    1. Ah bless, you still have it! That was one of the creations I was thinking of!